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The aesthetic appearance of each individual tooth is vital to the overall maintenance of a perfect smile. Sometimes, however, no matter how rigorous your hygiene programme or how frequently you get your teeth checked by your dentist, things can go wrong and the resulting effects on the tooth in question can completely ruin the look of your smile. If your tooth is damaged, cracked or broken then it needs protecting for two reasons – to restore its’ appearance to that which it boasted before the damage was done, and to protect its’ functionality and prevent further damage or decay. Even a single imperfect tooth, even if it is only slightly damaged, can have a severe effect upon the confidence of the person concerned, stopping them smiling and talking easily and, in effect, limiting their personality and ability to interact with others.

That’s why any such tooth should be repaired as quickly as possible, and a Crown is the quickest, easiest means of doing so. Also known as caps, Crowns take the form of an artificial covering which sits over the existing tooth, restoring its appearance and ability to do its job.


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